Quick backup & restore with these practical features

We understand how important your online data is, so we built these features t o act as a safety net for your business. SuiteBackups will help you get back to business as usual in a cost-effective and timely way. Check out how.

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Intuitive interface

Simple and elegant design is used to achieve an easy-to-use interface that resembles a standard file browser. A shorter learning curve for users, plus it’s nice to look at.

Automated process

Set the time of your backups and the app does the rest. No worries or fuss, only confidence that your data is being backed up and made accessible when you need it.

Compare Backups

With our custom built file browser, you can easily view and compare different versions of your backup and easily see which files have changed since.

Backup on your schedule

Schedule your backups to start at the most convenient time for your business so you don’t have to worry about interruptions to your work day.

Backup frequency Coming Soon

Hourly, Daily, Weekly - greater flexibility means you can adjust your backup frequency to reflect the changing environment of your SharePoint site.

Multiple Sites

If you have more than one SharePoint site, you can manage it all in the one interface, making it easier to get an overall view of the happenings your business.

  Disaster Recovery

Easy restore

A couple of clicks is all it takes to restore a SharePoint library, all the way down to the individual document level.

Individual file restore

With SuiteBackups it’s as simple as browsing to the file location or using the handy search to locate the correct file from the right backup and hitting ‘Restore’.

Non-destructive Restore

Our restore process allows you to recover documents and folders without overwriting existing data.

Data export

Download a backup from a specific date or every backup ever performed, it’s easy to extract all of your backup information out of SuiteBackups – provided you can find a hard drive big enough!


Archived backups

Meet compliance standards by retaining as many archived versions of your SharePoint Online site as you desire.

Customise backup location Coming Soon

If you want your backups stored closer to home, you can choose from multiple Azure locations around the world meaning that your data is faster than ever.

Secure Backups

SuiteBackups uses Microsoft Azure storage to backup your files. With this you can trust that your data is secure and that it conforms to industry-verified global standards.


Daily Reports Coming Soon

View daily summary reports detailing the outcome of each backup. Have full confidence that everything is running smoothly.

Multiple users

Add unlimited users to help you manage your SharePoint backups. You can even set this for each site you’re backing up.

Backup Administrator Usage Audit

Backup administrators have full access to everything in your site backups. For peace of mind, every action of a backup administrator is audited, and can be viewed at either the site or user account level.


Free unlimited support

If you ever feel like you need a bit of help, flick an email to our friendly experts at Suite HQ.

Online Help Center Coming Soon

Our comprehensive Help Center is a treasure trove of help videos, guides and FAQs available around the clock.

Great training

We provide free training sessions for anyone new to SuiteBackups or who just needs a refresher. Sign up for one today!

  For Accountants

Be Compliant

SuiteBackups helps you be compliant while working efficiently. The app uses Microsoft Azure to securely store all your data so you can rest assured that your backups are safe. You can also choose the appropriate region to store your data.

The Accountants Document Solution

If you’re looking for an entire document management solution, look no further than The Full Suite. With a cloud file management tool, Xero integration, great content plus easy backups, it’s the ideal solution for accountants in the cloud. Not in the cloud yet? We have a super fast and cost-efficient migration tool to get you there. Get in touch!

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