Get simple SharePoint recovery for your business

Accidents happen. Servers go down and important files get deleted. But that shouldn’t be the end of the story. With SuiteBackups it isn’t. Everything your business needs to ensure business continuity and peace of mind in one handy online app.

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Protect your business with SuiteBackups

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Cost-effective without being stingy

SuiteBackups is a comprehensive solution for your business that won’t cost your first-born. It’s cost-effective without skimping on the features that really matter to you, such as easy file recovery and quick search.

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Pay only for what you use

Whether you decide to archive everything, or only a select group of folders, you’ll only have to pay for the data you actually use. No hidden costs, and you’ll be able to check each invoice in situ.

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One less thing to worry about

SuiteBackups is automated for your convenience. Only make a few decisions at the beginning and the app does the rest. Each backup will load in the background at a time designated by you.

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Short learning curve

Downtime for your business is always a concern when taking on new technology. So that’s why SuiteBackups’ intuitive user interface looks similar to other file systems you’re familiar with. It’s functional, clean, and you’ll be a pro at it in no time.

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Easy compliance

SuiteBackups' features are built to help you achieve compliance with ease. Each backup acts as a snapshot of your file system through time - great for comparing changes made to files and for auditing purposes. Know that you'll always have clear oversight over your data.

A great add-on to your SharePoint Online site.

SharePoint Online provides you with some great fail safes. SuiteBackups is there to plug up the gaps. Check out this quick compare of backup and restore features.

SharePoint Online


Multiple site collections  
Backup all file versions  
Download a file version  
Browse library backups  
Keep all versions  
Restore entire site *coming soon
Restore folder  
Restore file
View previous file version  
Browse previous backup  
Admin and user permissions  
View changes between two backups  
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